CleanPLUS EXPERIENCE - Hospitality Materials and Lockups Documents

CleanPLUS EXPERIENCE - Hospitality Materials and Lockups

The zip document contains a set of materials for use for different customers/partners. Place to insert a customer or partner's logo is provided (see PowerPoint for how this works). Illustrator files are provided for a Desk Placard, Door Sticker, Elevator Sign, Housekeeping Cart, Remote Sleeve Sticker and a Digital Banner - sizes are generic and can be modified. Also included are lockups of the CleanPLUS EXPERIENCE logo (with space of customer/partner logo) as well as a stand-alone CleanPLUS EXPERIENCE logo (to be used without a customer/partner logo) and some other options (Cleaned by, Cleaned with, and Disinfected with). Individual brand logos are also provided. PDFs are also included for easy viewing.


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